Think of Moods and Hues


rainbow_cakeOne of the biggest – and probably one of the hardest – decision to be made in planning a wedding is the color theme. Your color sets the tone and the mood of your wedding. You may want to choose one primary color and go with the different shades of it or you may want to set a more vibrant and playful mood to your color scheme. Read somewhere that when it comes to choices you may want to start with 2-3 primary colors and 1-2 accent colors. Focus on the boldest color and take it from there.  There are thousands of colors, shades, hues, tones to choose from.  But don’t sweat it, just have some fun!

"His and Her" Wedding Cake

Most weddings, if not all, are normally about what the bride wants. From themes, colors, flowers, music, centerpieces, and the cake. I guess because most women wants elegance. She may want to throw some fun elements on it but still maintains a woman’s touch to the whole scenario. While guys may have their own elaborate ideas of fun with their “taste” on thematics like video games, comic book, lego or transformer movie theme. But whose to say you can’t marry both ideas.

Painted Flowers - why not?

It might be a good option if you are having a hard time finding the right flowers to suite your theme; or you may want to put some metallic twist to a centerpiece. Bounce off some ideas with your florists for cheaper flower options and  paint them according to your preference. Although the paint may come a little expensive but can give you a specific color of choice.